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Why choosing Sonatrach?

Sonatrach offers job stability and security. It also offers to its employees the opportunity to work and evolve in a set of profession of the hydrocarbon chain and chance for all to get involved in big and diverse projects.

Health is a major concern for Sonatrach. It is endowed with the most efficient human and material means at the national level and provides medical care to employees and their families as well. Workers continue to have access to medical care after they retired.

Among the assets included in the workers' global remuneration:

Sonatrach Pays for the majority of Workers and their families' holiday fees, leisure and socio-cultural activities as well as a major part of their car insurance.

Sonatrach will sooner create its Credit Union to grant to its employees access to unrivalled bank loans.

It provides death/injury insurance coverage that refunds a capital to family members what ever is the cause of death or permanent disablement of the insured.